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You know that you're really a nerd when ...

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... you vacuum up a slug tuned coil from the living room carpet and have absolutely no idea where it came from.

(just for fun, add you own)

...take a look in the scrapped pcb bins at work for anything interesting or potentially useful.

...strip down scrapped medical equipment or assemblies for the same thing. ( I got a nice looking strain gauge assembly and a small stepper out of a syringe driver pusher assembly last week! )

...When you draw a schematic in pencil and then wonder what the actual resistances of the drawn resistors are (...because of the graphite)


... when any explanation you give to anything in life always ends up relating back to control system theory.

. . . you very nearly wind up in a fight with your significant other because, "You were up all night and you've got glitter on your shirt!" after staying up late to salvage parts and cleaning out your solder sucker.

This one might work too, but it's probably not a nerd thing just a dumb me thing (ergonomics count).

. . . you throw out your back designing a PCB because you didn't move from your uncomfortable chair for eight straight hours.

At least I got my first SMD double sided design done. Must invest in a better chair. :)


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