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Another Roof on AlphaGeometry


Another Roof published a video(1) commenting on Alphabet’s AlphaGeometry.

The video is divided into two parts: explaining what AlphaGeometry did in a particular IMO problem and then commenting on both the smortnet and other commentators.

In my opinion it doesn’t focus enough on how AlphaGeometry is a step further. Unlike recent meme LLMs and image generators, which can be seen as glorified statistics, AlphaGeometry brings a qualitative change. There is a process involving two separate parts coöperating to find a solution, where the LLM is merely acting as a heuristics source. I’d argue a language model is suboptimal in this task, as it represents the patterns indirectly, but currently there is nothing better, it appears to work, and it’s not much different from pupils helping each other in school.

On all other points I can only agree.

In particular I draw your attention to Alex categorizing IMO tasks solving as much less than people would intuitively think it is. Overhyping ML is one side of the coin, the other is putting human mind way higher than it seems to actually be.



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