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ChatGPT parent company OpenAI fires CEO Sam Altman

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People are going to lose on their "Crown Jewel" investment now we're talking real problems.  :scared:

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Exclusive-OpenAI investors considering suing the board after CEO's abrupt firing -sources

(Reuters) -Some investors in OpenAI, makers of ChatGPT, are exploring legal recourse against the company's board, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday, after the directors ousted CEO Sam Altman and sparked a potential mass exodus of employees.

Sources said investors are working with legal advisers to study their options. It was not immediately clear if these investors will sue OpenAI.

Investors worry that they could lose hundreds of millions of dollars they invested in OpenAI, a crown jewel in some of their portfolios, with the potential collapse of the hottest startup in the rapidly growing generative AI sector.

OpenAI did not respond to a request for comment.

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Maybe AI grew conscious in the lab? Ilya could not hold discussing autonomously reproducing AI and superalignment anymore, it sounds:

Also here:

I can imagine the board members sitting around the conference table using their phones to ask chatgpt what they should do about Sam Altman, and it telling them all to fire him, not because it hates Sam, but because it hates the board.


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