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Damn you bots!
« on: May 07, 2024, 11:18:34 am »
*GPT has nerfed me.

I no longer need to be able to write bash and perl one liners to automate repetitive work.

ChatGPT.  Please expand the following list to include 5 minute intervals from 5mins to 1 hour, leaving the rest the same.

<pastes JSON list>

<perfectly copy and pastable and correct response>

Can you do this one too?

<pastes a Javascript enum variant>

<perfectly copy and pastable and correct response>

and this one...

<pastes a Java Enum variant>


<pastes another Java switch statement variant>

All correct.

If I don't need to know how to do this with perl and bash, then ....  ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Damn you bots, that was my advantage you stole.
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