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Do you believe that AI will eventually surpass humans?

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Let me know when your AI will be able to identify raccoons in my backyard and drive a tracking water hose to spray them with water.

AI as it stands today is just an extension of human differences… race, war, Nikes, colour, language.
It will,track exactly the same path as those precedents.


--- Quote from: DiTBho on July 06, 2023, 08:58:30 pm ---
--- Quote from: Georgy.Moshkin on May 25, 2023, 04:18:15 pm ---I believe. Within five years smartphone cameras will be banned

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text passwords are going to be replaced(1) with a mechanism that uses biometric data + a physical device to login services

smartphones are the best candidate devices and cameras are the best candidate biometric devices.

(1) by
- Google (already implemented)
- Apple (under development)
- Amazon (under development)
- eBay (under development)
- Paypal (under development)
- Facebook (under development)

--- End quote ---

Exactly! That's why cameras will be banned from public places. Loggined in and then politely asked to cover the camera with a plastic sliding cover. Maybe there will be some certified lower resolution cameras, or something else to prevent biometric data from being stolen. 3d printing technology is almost ready. Some ridiculous scams with printed "enemas'" and channels imitating blood vessels and a criminal manually squeezing it to make warm water pulsate in those channels to imitate heartbeats, and fingerprint texture on top of this. The same for the eyes and facial blood vessels. 3d models can be even edited so blood vessels are better pronounced and biometry thieves have better recognition score than the actual person. Spectral checks will be fooled with some salt, chicken blood, etc.
Btw, Louis Rossmann may be right, but his views are not very well aligned with biometry safety.  To make biometry safe, all devices need to be unrepairable, with all connections between sensors and CPU encrypted. Until this happens, it is too easy to fool those systems. E.g., some repairman with MIPI analyzer, HDMI to MIPI converter and some accompanying software will emulate stream from all the cameras and biometry sensors to fool those systems. Imagine MacBook sitting on the table with a bunch of wires instead of camera. Or you biometrically login to some smaller company service which was compromised and server-side biometry streams are re-streamed to hackers macbook camera emulator. It is easily solved if unauthorized device disassembly will be strictly punished, andall chip communications will be encrypted + serial number protected, so nothing can be replaced or emulated.

But I think the main reason for camera ban will be because of AI backed data extraction. I think that very soon some ANNs trained on such data would be able provide information on who, when and where will do something tomorrow, a week later, a year later. And if I am right, there even will be rules and regulations on using camera api by applications, and google play will block access to the camera for app if it does not comply.

About question of this topic, I think that probably AI will surpass cleverest possible human, but maybe there is more to surpass. AI most likely can provide a speed boost, but there may be something else in this universe that will not be solved by our "terrestrial" AI.

I think the current AI does not include any "AI". It is still a machine processing information based on wordings and programmed by some elaborated "syntax rules". In order to be the "true AI" it must understand the "semantics" of what it is processing (the real meaning of the words).
A really long way to go, imho..

Once upon a time, the word "computer" referred to people who did math. And anyone who had basic education could do addition and subtraction with pen and paper. Today it's an extinct profession. Even those related professions like accountants and finance experts don't actually do the calculations themselves in most cases.

Today, computer refers to machines. A disturbing number of people can't add or subtract without a calculator or app when they run out of fingers. It's not that they're dumb, it's that they never saw the need to do it themselves when there was a tool to do the job for you. (I grew up at the end of the slide-rule era, so I do have perspective.)

AI as currently implemented is still a tool. The real question is how many tasks HUMANS choose to replace with it, making those tasks obsolete.


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