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Do you believe that AI will eventually surpass humans?

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I am interested in your thoughts on whether or not you believe AI will eventually surpass human abilities and potentially take over. Additionally, it seems that more people are turning to AI for help in their personal lives. Do you think this is beneficial for humanity, or do you believe we may face negative consequences in the future, such as widespread job displacement?

Another ChatGPT thread collecting "fear, uncertainty, doubt" ?  The AI and its handler are clearly searching for human opinion about it, as well as spewing propaganda "potentially taking over" and "job displacement" and "surpassing humans". Buzz off.

Maybe it already has in some cases.  Ever try the "live chat" on the USPS informed delivery site?  All you get is a scripted response from a presumably alive agent.  (Alive and live are not the same.  One meaning of "live" is electrically energized.)

That's what I'm saying. I personally use Chatgpt, but the responses they offer are antiquated and not even well-researched. Still, Chatgpt can be useful in some situations if it is used correctly. No hate


--- Quote from: floobydust on March 23, 2023, 07:14:23 pm ---Another ChatGPT thread collecting "fear, uncertainty, doubt" ?
--- End quote ---
Don’t you have a feeling, this entire section is nothing more than that? :)


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