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Do you believe that AI will eventually surpass humans?

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Eli the Computer Guy gives his thoughts on the AI hysteria meme. Will AI DESTROY the WORLD? [ spoiler, no ]


--- Quote from: iMo on July 08, 2023, 07:11:04 pm ---I think the current AI does not include any "AI". It is still a machine processing information based on wordings and programmed by some elaborated "syntax rules". In order to be the "true AI" it must understand the "semantics" of what it is processing (the real meaning of the words).
A really long way to go, imho..

--- End quote ---
Can't say intelligence is not there already. If we look into work of Jeff Hawkins, there is possibility of some weird connection between geometry transformations, objects mapping and intelligence.  Math is everywhere in mice brain positional cells experiments. It is possible that cortical columns (or something in brain)  converts all information to some geometry and then intelligence with all thinking and self consciousness is just constant mathematical transformation of these objects (see mice brain position mapping, and Jeff Hawkins work), such as rotation, translation, scaling and assembling into larger objects, similar to lego/tetris blocks.

AI is just a tool. A tool can't destroy anything by itself. Can humans destroy the world using AI? Maybe. That's a different question.
The optimistic answer to this is: we have managed not to destroy humanity with nuclear weapons (so far anyway), so there's a good chance we'll manage not to destroy humanity with AI.

Now not destroying humanity is nice, but a pretty minimal goal in itself, if you ask me.
Would be cool if the goal was to make life better for most of us, rather than just trying to make it better for a few, and do what it takes to avoid blowing everything up.
But hey.

Intelligence is not even required, any self replicating machines which are effective enough can kill everyone. Maybe some people will hide and live between rocks of some mountains, where some jumping head-cutting machines can't operate efficiently. Nuclear is not good example, it does not self-replicate. Fire is more dangerous in some sense, viruses, etc. AI can assist in making dumb but efficient self-replicating killing machines that do not have any external controls, so they can't be stopped using some command/button.

OK, so ansvering the topic title it seems that it already has surpassed us. Google Gemini beat generally most humans in a test involving question on different topics, like math, history, law, ethics etc.
But no worries, because we still can find some humans which are smarter in some topics. For at least for a few months it seems....


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