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Giving away your "info/ideas" to AI ...


... if everything (your questions, proposed answers) is reviewed by humans behind the AI, then aren't you giving away your ideas and any supporting info as you refine your ideas?

Some folks might have a patent idea, and might start asking AI about it, and the next thing you know, the AI provider is harvesting all of that ...

For myself, I've been trying to find local-only ways to run AI, as in bring a LLM down to my PC, and use those tools from github to query against it. Try to verify (with firewall tools) that the AI tool isn't sending data back out to a mothership.

In a way, same thing with search. If you aren't careful about how your search terms are built, the search provider can harvest your patent ideas, and in both cases (AI, search), they've got way more money than you do, and can patent something way faster than you can.

With search tools, I've had to be very careful about search terms around patent ideas, such that I don't give away the farm, while I try to figure out if what I'm thinking is patent-worthy.

Anyone else worrying about these aspects?

This has absolutely crossed my mind on multiple occasions, and I've always been suspicious of data collecting search engines funneling peoples ideas to others. From my view, since it can be done, it has been done, especially since there's people who can profit off of doing it. Too many times I or a friend have thought of something, searched it, found nothing, then saw ads for the exact product a short period of time later.

I'm not sure what to do about it though, aside from being selective about what search engines I use for what, and just completely avoiding A.I. My world is digital enough, anyway. I enjoy leaving my phone behind and going about my business most of the time.


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