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Microsoft Copilot+PC AI assistant to take screenshots every few seconds

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Why would your Microsoft OS take screenshots every few seconds, only store them encrypted locally, and not send the data back to Microsoft? ???

--- Quote ---UK watchdog looking into Microsoft AI taking screenshots

The UK data watchdog says it is "making enquiries with Microsoft" over a new feature that can take screenshots of your laptop every few seconds.

Microsoft says Recall, which will store encrypted snapshots locally on your computer, is exclusive to its forthcoming Copilot+ PCs.

But the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) says it is contacting Microsoft for more information on the safety of the product, which privacy campaigners have called a potential "privacy nightmare".

Microsoft says Recall is an "optional experience" and it is committed to privacy and security.
According to its website, external, users "can limit which snapshots Recall collects".
"Recall data is only stored locally and not accessed by Microsoft or anyone who does not have device access," the firm said in a statement.
And it said a would-be hacker would need to gain physical access to your device, unlock it and sign in before they could access saved screenshots.
But an ICO spokesperson said firms must "rigorously assess and mitigate risks to peoples' rights and freedoms" before bringing any new products to market.
"We are making enquiries with Microsoft to understand the safeguards in place to protect user privacy," they said.


--- End quote ---

EDIT: Reading later in the article, what it will do with the screenshot data locally is pretty disturbing!

Microsoft,  :palm:

Subscribing.   :popcorn:

Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every step you take, They'll be watching you.

It is just breathtaking how out of touch they are with actual customer desires.

I want my OS to offer stronger privacy, excellent battery life, and the ability to not just disable but completely remove features I'm not interested in. This supposed new feature runs contrary to all those things. It's an answer to a question nobody asked.

Zero exhaust, by default, with a possible exception for keeping anti-malware up-to-date as quickly and effectively as possible.

Everything else - cloud this, AI that, should be an option. I don't doubt there are people who want to use these things, but I'm not one of them.

No, MS, I won't sign in "for a better experience", whatever that's meant to mean. The "maybe later" button needs to become the "f**k off and never ask me this again" button.

I've not asked for any kind of "assistant". I don't need you to "help" me find or organise anything. Stop trying to insert yourselves between me and the job I'm doing perfectly well without you.

I just need the tools I use to do my job to run, reliably, without breaking every time there's an update. That's it. I use Windows because the tools of my trade require it; it's not really a choice I've made in any meaningful sense. The best thing you can do to help make my life better is to stop pretending otherwise.

Who's the outlier here?

On further reflection, and ignoring the downsides, such as risks to peoples personnel data.

It could allow AI agents (such as Co-pilot, in this case), to see a lot of your (the users) activities, over the last few months.  Hence possibly being able to answer powerful questions, and help the user(s).

Such as (hypothetical examples), where is that thread I started, several weeks ago, and I've forgotten which forum and what it was called, with springs in it, to be found?

Or which of my shopping lists, in the last couple of months, had the most expensive item on it?

Perhaps, what was that soup called, that I really liked (and wrote a quick 5 starred review about it somewhere, such as a supermarket) and where did I buy it?

What movie did I watch, earlier this year, that had those fighting bears in it.  As I want to place a review on it, on the internet.

So, maybe it could be useful, for some people.


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