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Next Generation Smart Phone Intelligence is Going to be So Realistically Human


your next phone may literally try to take over control of your entire life. no exaggeration!
were the next generation smart phone intelligence is going. 100s of phone apps under the control of an realistic human like AI chatbot.
just wait till advertising get's to input into the phone AI. there is no escaping it. your next phone may literally have a sense of humour.
see this video by cold fusion -  Dagogo.

Featuring GPP (Genuine People Personality) "Your plastic pal who's fun to be with!"*

* Sirius Cybernetics Corporation advertising slogan - Douglas Adams, 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

When will the first smartphone be used instead of a jury?  I am not wishing for an early death, but hope I never see that.

That's really cool stuff. Seriously, here's what I want it to do on my phone: Screen calls in real time with the assistant. Specifically from numbers that are not in my contact list. For over a year I and many others get calls from real estate investors wanting to buy houses. Probably 3 or 4 a day. All the numbers are different each time so they cannot all be blocked. All that appears on the caller ID is a city name in the state. I don't answer these calls anymore; they usually hang up when it goes to voice mail, but sometimes will leave a message about 5% of the time.

I'd like the assistant to screen these calls and find out what they want before I deal with them (if required). Then if they are wanting to buy my house I'd have already told the AI to hang up and I wouldn't be bothered at all by these rats. However, it's possible some day that it would be a legitimate call from a business I might need to talk to, so the assistant would then let me know.

An interesting article in today’s NY Times business section suggested that AI could replace CEOs.


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