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OpenAI not so open at all

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OpenAI Threatens Popular GitHub Project With Lawsuit Over API Use:

They should be called ClosedAI.

I suspect they don't want it using the name GPT-4.

OpenAI is not open for quite some time. Not a secret. But, if I understand gpt4free right, we’re talking about a project that leeches on the service. “Open” does not mean free as in free beer. Whatever motivation of OpenAI might be,(1) avoiding resource abuse is sufficient to explain the action.

(1) After all OpenAI have a service worth billions in their hands, so it’s in their interest to retain as much control as possible.

GPT4free benefits from third parties who pay for the service, not OpenAI directly.

It’s not that simple.

I will not discuss, if OpenAI has standing to sue xtekky. We do not even know the details of the exchange between xtekky and OpenAI.

But the issue of openess(1) and leeching is independent of whether OpenAI can actually bring the case to the court. It’s convenient to oversimplify and put this division on the edge of the services directly used by gpt4free. Here it’s gpt4free-and-services, here is services-and-OpenAI, each area is completely independent of each other. But I believe this model has a mistake here: the separation is hardly perfect. It’s a clusterfuck of feedbacks.

Let’s take a simple(2) scenario as an example. With volume orders there is usually an assumption about usage level. It’s an important factor shaping the final price. Buying in large quantities may(3) decrease unit price during negotiations. But after that it becomes a situation of increased demand with fixed supply and fixed price. Additionally binding supplier’s resources. So increased load on these “edge” services feeds back to OpenAI.

(1) Which OpenAI does not claim for a long time, and the lack of which is well known.
(2) Probably much simpler than what actually happens. But I choose this one, as this is something I know.
(3) May, not must.


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