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OpenAI wants to power AI with Helion's fusion power

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OpenAI to buy electricity from CEO Sam Altman's nuclear fusion side hustle:

The first comment sums it up quite well:

--- Quote ---Not really a company invests money it doesn't have to build an imaginary supercomputer to do unspecified AI stuff using power from an imaginary reactor that's supposed to be built by a company that nobody believes can build it.

Nice to know that some things ever change with AI.

--- End quote ---

I have no idea how to read that word salad. They must first go back to school and learn to use punctuation.

Please try:
- The Opaque Investment Empire Making OpenAI’s Sam Altman Rich:
- OpenAI seeks ‘vast quantities’ of nuclear fusion energy to power superhuman AI:

Its simple, they just ask AI how to build a  fusion reactor to power the AI machine.

Uh huh. :-DD


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