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Surprised at very poor chatgpt responses. Voltage divider question.

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I wanted to check something very basic, but I was not exactly 100% sure myself. I knew a voltage divider worked on the ratio of two resistors, but I wasn't sure of the formula, or if there was some reason why it might not be recommended for measuring a sensor output (say a motor driver's RPM output signal).
So I asked ChatGPT.
I think it's done a pretty terrible job.
Right away I could see that it gave a formula (which I didn't doubt was probably correct, and I did look up later on during the chat) but then it gave values that didn't match it's own formula.

My default first response to ChatGPT is often "are you sure about that?"..

Anyway, what do you think? Chat link below.

David Aurora:
I've been playing around with it a bit lately and have been surprised at how confidently it is wrong a lot of the time, which I guess is a pretty good impersonation of human behaviour.

It's like before asking it something you already have to know the answer, then you need to do this silly dance with it where it gives you an answer, you tell it that's the wrong answer, it apologises for the mistake and hopefully the next answer it gives is correct.

Will be interesting to see how it is a year down the track

The top google results gives you good information:

The first link actually has all the information you are asking for.

chatgpt is for boilerplate, not finding trustworthy information or learning new things, IMO.

It seems that it doesn't learn from its interactions with people, except within that interaction.
It then forgets all that & only relies on what it can glean by "looking on the 'Net".

Go back & ask it the same question in a week & it will probably make the same mistake, or a different one, but almost certainly, a mistake.

The really strange thing is it was MUCH better three months ago.


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