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I have been evaluating CS under the 30 day program trial.  Got an email from the Farnell rep. saying please get in touch to discuss pricing.  So I asked what the best price they could do was.  He said he could do me a special offer of 10% off.  I asked if that was the 10% off that is advertised everywhere!  Now no answer.  Why imply there is room for maneuver in pricing only to offer the standard deal!

Just wondered what people had actually been paying?


The 10% discount code ends this month, so I suppose they are thinking they may extend that by by contacting them for a quote. 

I think it's only available from Farnell in the UK, so things are pretty much fixed price wise.

My eval ends soon, and I have to say I really like it when compared to Eagle that I have been using until now.  Could well end up buying a licence...

I would have been tempted if their offer had been a real one (i.e. 20%) - I'll probably leave it for now at least - Im not exactly enthused by their lack of ability to answer emails!

Phone them and tell them. Say you would buy it with at least 20% discount. It's a piece of software - high margins with lots of room to play for a salesman. Of course if you end up with a "computer says no!" droid then that's their loss.


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