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Bus problems and duplicate net names caused by leading zeroes


Just about ready to tear my eyes out after over two days of being unable to product a simple three sheet test schematic with buses that span the 3 pages.

Failing miserably, changed from a flat to a hierarchical design to no avail.  Duplicate net names everywhere.

Tonight, finally discovered that the problem in all cases came from my habit of using 00..07 vs 0..7.  Just a habit from working with wider buses (and Cadence).  CS ignored my leading zero in the bus range BUT my net names, I'm assuming, all looked like a zero index at compile time (i.e. ADDR00 == ADDR0,  ADDR07 also == ADDR0).

added:  until I discovered the leading zero problem, NO connections were made between associated parts

Just an FYI for those with newbie (to buses) problems.


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