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Circuit Studio Dead? (again!)

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--- Quote from: H.O on December 10, 2021, 03:54:34 pm ---Any news on the CS Pro or whatever?
It's been what? 2 years now?

I got an email from my "Personal Altium Contact" who asked if there was anything he could do for me (sell me stuff - obviously). I explained to him my difficulties in renewing my CS license, that the option to do it from within the app doesn't exist for me and that Farnell refuses to accept my order due me not being/having a registered company.

Low and behold - he promptly forwarded my email to another bloke who promptly came back to me with the solution: "Please contact Farnell, our global partner, to renew your CircuitStudio Licence".  :palm:

Who are these people?

--- End quote ---

Idiots. Do you have any government consumer affairs body you can contact? You've legitimately purchased a product and now you're required to pay to keep using it, but they're barring you from doing so. In Australia we have  "consumer affairs" that can intervene and get a resolution. Perhaps you do too over there?

It's not worth my time or effort trying to FORCE them into anything, I'm not THAT invested OR interested in it. I just took a chance now that THEY asked ME if there was anything they could do for me.

To be fair, I don't need to pay to keep using the version I HAVE payed for. What I can't buy is the right to updates - which there hasn't been any for years so it's all for the best to be honest. It's been something like 2 years since they hinted about the CM Pro update but it all looks like vapourware.

I noticed when trying to install Solidworks on a machine running Circuit Studio that the SW installer asked for DXP.exe to be closed.

Delays in CMP and complete lack of comms/updates may be related to the SW partnership as it seems the executable (DXP.exe) is their integrated(ish) PCB design and visualisation tool.

It's a fiasco held in a roaring silence.

Need to recommend a PCB design software package to a friend.  The concept of CircuitStudio is sort of in the sweet spot for what they are looking to do.  Shame Altium didn't maintain it.
Altium is still advertising circuitstudio with no mention of "CircuitMaker Pro" on their site.
Docs page still lists last version as "CIRCUITSTUDIO 1.5 Released:  24 May 2018 - Version: 1.5.1 (build 13) ": http://documentation.circuitstudio.com/display/CSTU/New+in+CircuitStudio

Anyone know anything new about this?

I used CircuitStudio 1.5 commercially for a few years. It had some annoyances and missing features (find similar objects) but it got the job done. Would I recommend spending money on it today? No. Altium is totally focused on Designer and locking those customers in with the Altium cloud offerings. They don't give a damn about CS customers and have abandoned them. Farnell Element14 will have some responsibility in that also.

They only possible scenario where I could recommend CS is for someone who wants to land a job at an Altium desk but doesn't yet have AD experience or the money to purchase it. It might be useful in that case because the workflow is similar.

Otherwise I'd recommend KiCAD 6 (free) or DipTrace (low cost, not subscription).


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