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Circuit Studio Dead? (again!)

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Nothing here surprises me. Altium continues to lose credibility.

Well it seems like a few things are happening....

1. Via Element 14 - some "hidden" YouTube videos about CircuitMaker Pro : from Dec 2020

2. My current 1.5.2 license screen now says my license is for CircuitMaker Pro?....


Do you have a current maintenance subscription?

Update: Answered my own question, I let my subscription lapse years ago and my license page is saying CircuitMaker Pro, the actual program is still CircuitSudio

Taking two weeks to update my subscription status is taking the "christ-on-a-bike" saying a bit far. C'mon Newark/Altium, this should be child's play at this stage.

Mine also shows Circuitmaker Pro.

Yeah, some 7 months ago, when the news about the "Pro version" first surfaced, JamesH from Altium tried to rectify the situation for me but his efforts was fruitless. I could not renew subscription from within the software and Farnell don't want my money since I don't have a company account.

(I have not tried for several months now).

It might have been for the best though since another 7 months without any updates now have passed...


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