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Circuit Studio Dead? (again!)

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What ever they are doing, for me to buy in again,

I will try the demo and it needs to be a noticeable improvement over CS that I have now.

I will assume it will be years and years before it is ever touched again, so the CircuitMaker Pro that is released will have to stand on its own as being worth the subscription renewal.

CS throws up on itself with bigger projects, the Altium excuse was they did that on purpose to limit project size, the reality is that it is based on an ancient code base and poor database management ( IMO ).

In any case, I will evaluate what comes out and act accordingly.

Well - is it dead yet? Are we there yet?

Seems like we are going to hit the 1 year mark post CircuitMaker Pro announcement soon (in 2 months - September 22)

So what are the odds it will "launch" before the 1 year mark - if it will launch at all?

I wouldn't be putting any money on it (or in it). I know a lot of rusted-on Altium/CS fans won't like me saying this, but KiCAD is just sweeping up the cheap end of the market and heading up - and has an Altium importer as well.

Any prospective CS buyer who can use Google will see that CS isn't really loved and may think twice, or "give KiCAD a go" and just stay there.

Usability of Kicad GUI is very questionable. I wait for version 6 to see if they fixed basic drawing functions. Right now it is really very much behind how nice is to draw in Circuit Studio.
Also some basic things are still missing.

On the other hand, CircuitStudio is a deliberately cut down version from Altium and will never be allowed to have any advanced features.
And if Kicad keeps advancing, it will surpass it in power. And if they fix ergonomics and functionality issues (as they seem to be doing so far) it might as well be good enough for low/mid range work..

Yeah, I really don't understand what they're up to.
In my quest to renew my subscription I've tried three different ways of contacting "them". Sent email to pcbsoftware@element14.com, to altiumsupport@farnell.com and used the Contact Us form at https://www.altium.com/circuitstudio/contact-us. All without getting a single reply - nothing.


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