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Circuit Studio Dead? (again!)

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I went to the forums to see if there had been any updates to CircuitStudio before I start another project. It seems it hasn't been updated in years now. Apparently, Peter the Altium representive in the forums got made redundant before christmas. All signs are pointing to an abandoned product. It's a bit sad. It was perfect for me as a hobbyist They keep trying to "upsell" me to full AD. of course I am not going to buy that! I am not a professional.

I am thinking about moving to kicad eventually. although I hate the look of the UI.
Does anyone have any insider info to leak?

I don't know Circuit Studio per se, but your posting hit an interesting pitch.
Personally I can think of many-many programs those older versions of say from even 20 years ago would be still very much usable for non professional usage even today.
So what is actually stopping you to use Circuit Studio further?

Nothing is stopping me right now, but what if I have a license issue in the future and nobody replies to email? I don’t want to get caught out in the middle of a project. Also there are a few very annoying bugs that I constantly face which I wish they would fix. I’d rather be using tools that are still in development. However I am not in any rush to switch, it’s just something I will keep in mind moving forward.

I assume you have a perpetual licence for the software. Altium is not likely to go under anytime soon, even if the platform becomes abandoned, so at least you could use what you have right now.

Disclosure: My posts here about CS are (almost) always positive because I actually like it, warts 'n' all.

However, I'm just a matter of days from my CS subscription expiring and I'm struggling to justify renewing it.
I've seen no meaningful updates, or more importantly, no meaningful statements from Altium (or Farnell) on the future of CS.

Why does the subscription even exist?
Am I just paying for vault access?....erm, no thanks.

I'm sure Altium folks read this forum (James Harriman, sir, are you still around?) and if so could someone PLEASE give us hope of updates to come this year?
Tell me 'Find Similar Objects' is coming to CS and I will gladly renew right now!


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