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CS 1.4 rotate bug
« on: March 29, 2017, 11:15:16 pm »
For those that miss this little gem in the comments on the element14 release page, I'll drop it here:

Hi everyone,
Please see below for an issue known to exist in this release of CircuitStudio, and the various work arounds that may be used prior to a fix being made available.
Known Issue in CircuitStudio 1.4: Selected object location is incorrectly offset during rotation, by an amount related to the Current Origin setting.
When moving selected objects (M shortcut key) and pressing Space Bar to rotate them, the object moves a long way from the current location. Objects such as a Component or String could be moved a long way from the PCB board shape.
This issue doesn't occur if the Current Origin is set to the same location as the Absolute Origin, but this is rarely the case. That would offer one work around but it sacrifices the Current Origin feature, so the following work arounds are more suitable.
Work Arounds:
The best work around is to use a command to rotate selections, rather than pressing the Space Bar:
1. Use an alternative method, rather than Space Bar:
- Select the object(s)
- Tools > Move > Rotate Selection, type 90, press Enter
- Left click on the point to rotate around
2. If a component has already been moved right out of the work space and can't be selected with the mouse, correct as follows:
- Remove the component from the schematic
- Update the PCB document
- Paste the component back in the schematic with a new designator
- Update the PCB document.
3. If rotating a single object, deselect the object prior to dragging it with the mouse. Press the space bar and the location isn't affected.
4. If rotating selected objects using Space Bar and the location is offset, zoom out, press M and click to move the selected objects back to the board.
5. This issue does not occur if the Current Origin is set to the same location as the Absolute Origin.
To set this, choose Home > Origin > Set, press Ctrl+Home and Enter
This last work around isn't recommended, since you lose the advantage of the more convenient Current Origin.
Best regards,
James Harriman

If I'd known about this, there's no way I would have updated.  In my opinion Altium are in a world of their own thinking they should go ahead rolling out software that breaks a main part of the way you lay out a PCB.

I've even found I can get it to break the undo stack, so you rotate a part a couple of times, it goes off the screen and undo doesn't work.

@JamesH-AltiumOfficial how are we going for a fix?  Or how do I roll back to CS 1.3? 
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Re: CS 1.4 rotate bug
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2017, 07:17:45 am »
Thanks for pointing that out.

I have a habit inherited from AD: Install new version alongside the old.
Keep the old version for a few months until any clangers like this have been ironed out. CS license allows two versions to be installed concurrently (maybe more?).


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