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I'm going to kick off an OS project to provide some software as an adjunct to CS in order to add some functionality that I think is missing (and in some cases removed.)

First thing I'm attacking is the import of component parameters from suppliers (including datasheets and mechanical drawings.)  Pretty much just editing the schlib files outside of CS and using the supplier web api's to pull in all the data.

Still needs some tidying up and finishing but this part is working.

I'll probably add schematic component creation from a template, with importing parameters in one go (kind of like how it's done is AD, however I feel it could be done better).

Any thoughts on what else should be on the list to solve?  I've got a few ideas surrounding component library management, but need to think through the workflow before I put the effort into implementing.

That is really good project and greatly needed!
I tried to modify library files with python but did not succeed yet.
Judging by your software you probably know this already But what I found out was following
File format is OLE compound file. When viewed directly with hex editor it is nonsense with some sane looking parts that change unpredictably. When opened with 7zip and unzipped the resulting structure makes sense.
Pin data starts with byte that indicates record length pin name and number are proceeded with bytes that indicate string lenghts

Yeah thanks.  As I'm working in C#, there's a really good open source .net library that opens and saves the compound file format, so that was a no brainier.

The format then within the schematic lib files are pretty straight forward for parameters and not hard to modify.

All that's working, to get it to a state of first release it really just needs work on the UI side of things.


Yeah python looks kind of hopeless Learning C sharp now :). and using OpenMcdf 2.0

Features that I'm missing are following:
Batch create schematic component from template.
For example you could make one resistor and draw symbol for it and add attributes. Then you would have a file with say E12 series resistors with naming convention you like and attributes you want. You'd then point program to template component and component file and it would create whole E12 series based on the file data.

Second feature would be to partly recreate smart grid insert feature from altium designer. So you would have pin data from a micro controller say 144 pins with names and electrical types and you could batch create these to a component, and then use Circuits studios own editor to shuffle these pins around to multiple parts and correct and pretty locations.

Third feature could be to be able to set font sizes, types and such things library wide


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