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Example Project: 20 Channel solid state scan card for K2000 DMM

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Since I haven't setup a scanner card before, how is the delay between 'change channel' and the measurement on that channel arranged?
Is that a set delay by the user or a fixed value of the device?

Since nobody is reacting I assume the devices are usually slower than the SSR relays to start a measurement hence no delay actions required, 'how slow' is something that will need to be tested I guess.

I'm planning to make an 10 channel with VOR1142M4  and an 10 channel with G3VM-61VY3
(why not 20, well I don't see myself using it yet so I can always upgrade later)

I received the PCBs from JLCPCB today, for those interested, pictures attached.
The only changes I did from default was lead free and blue instead of green.

Since I didn't noticed the link mentioned here, this is another project based on the work already done by others.
This one is with an STM32

I would like to buy couple of the PCB's from you and also, if you have all the parts for it, just let me know what you need from me and the price. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA 68505 and my personal email is czecht@gmail.com
Do you have youtube channel?
Or some other place to see your videos?
Did you make a video how to assemble the PCB?
Is it working now?
My Keithley is DMM6500 and I just purchased it few days ago.
Thank you very much.

This is what I ordered but I haven't assembled it yet it's an "important but not urgent" project so I don't know yet if I'm missing something or not.
To order the PCBs it's 25 euro for 5 so there isn't really much profit in shipping spare PCBs around.
For components it's about 70 euro for one 10 channels card. (this BOM is for 2 different cards)

It also includes a pickit programmer since I didn't have one so you may want to remove that, and maybe buy a few less spares.
The STM32 version above is maybe a better option.


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