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Example Project: 20 Channel solid state scan card for K2000 DMM

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I had a bit more fun with this project, and did some cleanup in the conversion to KiCad.

* Fixed the damaged labels.
* Replaced local labels with global labels (or else KiCad does not recognize the connection.
* Exported PCB footprints to another library.
* Replaced the Ciruitstudio pdf with a KiCad generated one.
* Added link to this website to the schematic.
* Re-linked schematic symbols with PCB footprints, updated the PCB.
* KiCad names the "unnamed nets" differently.
* Re-run ERC and DRC, fixed some more minor issues.
* Deleted the circuitstudio paper and titleblock.

KiCad now recognizes all the PCB tracks and agrees that it's 100% routed.
I did ignore some DRC issues.
I also do not consider this conversion "complete" and you should check it yourself and compare it with the original project.

Overall, it's quite a nice project, but my interest is limited because I do not have a "K2000 DMM".

Some things I noticed:
KiCad flags several "isolated copper" areas and the GND zones around the microcontroller are quite fragmented. I would reassign the uC pins to improve the PCB routing. This would also get rid of the serpentine tracks to some of the relays. I also checked with the original gerber files of this project and under the TPDMM connector, the copper is not touching. One of my (small) annoyances in KiCad is that the THT pads for such connectors are quite big, and I'm relieved to see that KiCad is not the only program here :) My solution is usually to replace the footprints with footprints with oval pads that leave more room for the GND zone to sneak in between pins.

I would probably also have placed all relays on the topside of the PCB for easier assembly.

Why is "STROBE" connected to two uC pins?


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