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Example Project: Tektronix TekProbe Adapter/Breakout

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No problem harvs, oh I should have posted a screen capture!

Best regards,

James Harrman

Hello happy eev-blogers,

I built some of the nice breakout adapter of Voltsandjolts (thanks for sharing the work), and a few sets of board are remaining on my bench.

For those of you interested, I will sell them for the buying cost 18€/set, plus the letter shipping (real cost depending where you're living).

Recto/verso of the boards on the picture hereunder.

François / F4HTX

Hi Francois,
My name is Peter and I has been a Guest since about two years - now I have registered. Many thanks for posting this project! Thus, I like your breakout adapter from your post on May 30, 2021, 10:08:58 am. You offered you'll send a set for €18,-- plus shipping costs. If you have two sets left I'll want to order these (I need it for four channels). Do you have PayPal ? I will pay you 2x€18 + shipping costs (please declare me how much  :) ). I'm from Austria (be aware no kangaroos!  :-+)

Hi Peter, welcome to the forum. It looks like François is not here very often, so might be better to contact him by personal message (Belgrath > Actions - Send Personal Message) and that should email him. BUT because you are new here, it might not be possible for you to send a message yet (needs 10 posts or something?...I don't remember)....so I sent him a message.

Thank you for this tip - I will do so !
Started to learn how to... :)


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