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Is Offline Documentation for Circuit Studio possible?


Would prefer not having to go to a web site that is not secure.

About your design files:
There is no "cloud" requirements for Circuit Studio. You can keep all local and private.
Note that this is different for Circuit Maker.

If you are talking about the software "help pages / manual" themselves, I have no idea.

I don't recall ever finding a comprehensive set of offline CS documentation.
Even altium designer doesn't really have a good offline documentation set that I know of for any recent versions.

There are some files and documentation on these sites and you could probably "print to file" the majority of it which isn't
directly made easily available to download as pdfs or similar (for the text documents).


It is a fairly intolerable omission since lots of people have to try to learn or use the tools in many cases where limited or no good internet connectivity is reliably available so the reference information should be downloads and also installed along with the software for fast local search / access.

I griped a lot about the lack of documentation for CS, went nowhere. The online docs are poor, the community help is very good. Generally could get answers to any questions I had. It helps, but it's not a replacement for a good PDF users manual.


--- Quote from: Joel_l on June 10, 2021, 11:39:14 pm ---I griped a lot about the lack of documentation for CS, went nowhere.

--- End quote ---

You and me both. I'm a bit old-fashioned and like to sit down with a book, or a least a sequential set of tutorials online and work through them. None of this hunting around the web for hazy or out-of-date answers from randoms instead of the company we just paid $1100+ to for their software.

FFS the Diptrace pdf manual is light years ahead.


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