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negative mask bug


Been using circuit studio for about 5 years and I'm still finding bugs.

Made footprints for small connectors with complex pad shapes.  The copper was rectangular but the solder mask and paste mask needed complex shapes.  To get rid of default rectangular solder and paste masks, I set expansion to -5mm (larger than the copper).  Then I drew my own solder mask and paste mask with 'solid regions'.

It looks good on every layer but the DRC (design rules check) gives hundreds of: silk to solder mask clearance failures.  I changed clearance to 0.001mm and still had these failures.  I changed expansion from -5mm to -0.8mm and that fixed about half the failures.

I guess what is being displayed is properly handling the negative pads but DRC is using a different data set which allows expansion to extend past 0.

Fortunately the gerbers match the data that is displayed not whatever data the DRC is using.


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