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As requested.
In light of the recent price drop in Circuit Studio, it's probably worthwhile to have a section on here.
The only other support forum is the Element 14 one, and their forum and website kinda sucks  ;D

Is Circuit Studio going to be your weapon of choice now Dave?
I heard you were playing with KiCAD, but haven't seen any videos etc to back this up, we know you wanted to move away from AD, and went to Circuit Maker, and had issues?

Hello Dave:   

Would you consider a CircuitMaker section?


One of the (my) classic gripes about every PCB package out there is the process of re-inventing parts to drop into your own version of the library. So, *is* the "Vault" feature on Circuit Studio as messed up as previous reports would suggest it is? I'm not looking for perfection, just stuff that gets me 90% of the way there *and* that can be touched up to make it correct for my use.


Yes, this should have gone into bugs / issues .... Bob the forum illiterate could not quite work that out after only three cups of coffee ...


For symbols and footprints library, checkout- http://www.snapeda.com/libraries/octopart/common-parts-library/


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