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New CS v1.3 on the way - or available maybe possibly

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I was just reading doc's when I spotted the "release notes"

My built in check-for-updates have not spotted the update yet and I'm too lazy to install manually (if it is even what you get if you install now)

New Features:

--- Quote ---Manufacturing Rules
CircuitStudio 1.3 features a number of manufacturing-related design rules to help constrain your board further, and to ensure that what you layout in the software can meet requirements of the fabrication house when physically spinning the board.

Minimum Annular Ring Acute Angle Hole Size Layer Pairs Hole to Hole Clearance Minimum Solder Mask Sliver Silk to Solder Mask Clearance Silk to Silk Clearance

Redesigned Home Page
CircuitStudio 1.3 delivers a fresh new Home/Start page, providing a clean, streamlined, and intuitive new-look, along with updates to key pages including the My Account page.

Support for In-App Purchases and Renewals
CircuitStudio 1.3 brings you the ability to purchase new licenses for your software, directly from within the software. Simply set up a Payment Profile, with billing information and at least one defined payment method, and you're up and running to buy a license while browsing your account.

Support for IPC-2581 Fabrication Output
Support has been added in this release for the IPC-2581 Standard. This is an XML-based single file format that incorporates a rich range of board fabrication data – from layer stackup details though to full pad/routing /component information and the Bill Of Materials (BOM). To access this new feature, the IPC2581 extension must be installed (accessed from the Extensions & Updates » Purchased tab of your My Account page). With the extension installed, the IPC-2581 option becomes available with the other outputs under the Outputs | Fabrication section of the ribbon menu.
--- End quote ---

I noticed this yesterday and wondered if it was a typo, obviously not..


My trial on 1.2 would crash form time to time, perhaps this will have some bug fixes too.  Although running it up it doesn't offer an update for me either.

I just installed on my notebook from the website and got 1.2 so they have not released it.

The documentation is also ALL over the place with many doc's sent in the "review" garbage bin. So I guess they are overhauling the Doc's website at the moment.

But still sweating and working hard on getting used to Altium :) but apart from a few crashes during my 1 month test - the last 2 weeks I have not had any crashes..

Apparently v1.3 is still in beta, according to a reply on the Farnell "support" page.

Anyone got their hands on v1.3 yet?

A chap on the e14 forum updated to it, but my copy doesn't show any updates available.


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