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position and size of PCB designators

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Each time I start a new PCB layout I have to faf around editing the size or every component designator, is there a way to set a default ?

On initial start of board design. Select all designators, and move them slightly.

Can you expand on that ?

Fire Doger:
In AD you can use a text in silkscreen layer in footprint lib with text .Designator or '.Designator' (you have to enable and the "special text" or something similar in layer settings, I am from phone right now)
After placement you can hide all auto generated designators and use these included in libraries.
One problem is that it doesn't support center anchor in PCB text.
The other is that I am not sure if on bottom placement it mirrors the text or only sets the layer to bot silkscreen.

Also in AD there are component defaults under Preferences.  No idea if they dropped that from CS...

If nothing else, use a query IsDesignator to select them all, then assign whatever properties you like.



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