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Vault and CS need some developer assistance


I'm very happy because I just got my infinite license for CS.

The purchase was based on the capabilities of the package but there are some issues which Altium developers can and should fix.

I noticed that a gentleman from Altium has stopped by here a few times so I'm hoping this message gets some mileage.

Processes within Altium which are going to take a long time, or perhaps freeze, either need to be in separate threads with signals out as to thread status, or they need to have a cancel flag which is always polled, even when the process is stuck.

The Vault seems to be about the worst at this.  I've waited a long time and the Vault never returns after clicking on a single folder, like Si Time for instance.  The "Retrieving Items" never ends.  We need to be able to break out of this.

It is not acceptable in 2021 to have to terminate the entire application because a process can get jammed up.

I'm looking forward to CircuitMaker Pro, hopefully on my first year of maintenance.  I realize that there's a wide gap between $495 and $7500 (or whatever a current AD seat is going for).  But the difference cannot be having to terminate the program vs smooth recovery.

Having used AD for several years before this, I know it's not perfect either.  Altium needs to focus on improving behavior, and less on more and more new features (in AD's case).

Thank you Altium, though, for landing on a decent price point for those of use who need EDA "after hours".

The plot thickens a bit.

When the Vault is off searching and is frozen on my Windows 10 Pro system, there is no way out.

When the Vault is off searching (same search) on my Windows 7 Pro system, if you hover over the "structure" tab, the text becomes underlined and clicking on that tab will regain attention from the search.

Just an FYI for Altium.


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