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Voucher Code for 10% Off


I recently saw on the Element14 forum that there was a post listing voucher codes for 10% off of CircuitStudio. I tested it on Newark and it appears to work as it reduced the price from 995 USD to 895.50 USD.

--- Quote ---To get the discount:

Click -----> BUY NOW to go to your respective country's landing page and use the voucher code listed below:

US / Europe: ACS10
Mexico: ACS10M
Canada: ACS10C

--- End quote ---

Works on the UK Farnell site too  :) , did it say when it expires?

On the CS Free Trial  page is says it expires Sep 30th.

--- Quote ---* This Limited time offer, expires September 30th, 2016 and suitable only for America, Canada and Mexico
--- End quote ---

I guess they forgot to mention Europe?


This voucher code still works - just placed an order using it.


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