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Live-stream from Garmin watches via ANT+ stick & virtual box (evtl. coud, IOT)

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Peter Gamma:
Garmin has an activity tracking system wich monitors 24h 7d heart rate, steps, sleep duration, etc. But it is not satisfying for me personally, since quantification with the system from Garmin is very limited. A system with more accurate sensors would be desirable. And also a streaming system over an MQQT brocker, for easy access of data. All components are available, but needs to be developed :blah:.

Peter Gamma:
There is no solution, which is satisfying for all needs. I suggest:

1.    For a live-stream with real-time processing, choose Bitalino ECG with Matlab Toolbox:

or another live streaming option which is available from the Bitalino APIs.

2. The android application a training tracker can record directly to .csv format. I managed to get a stable recording with Polar h7.

3. For post-processing use a Garmin watch paired for instance to a Polar OH1 sensor for accuracy reasons. Data can be converted after recording by Data Scientist Max Candocias .fit to csv Python script:

Peter Gamma:
These solutions are ready to go, and don t need developement.

Live streaming solution wich I propose and need a bit of developement, or at least copy and pasting scripts together are the following:

ANT+ sensors:

A real-time stream from ANT+ sensors could be obtained by a Raspberry Pi Ant+ script which sends sensor data to a MQTT-Broker

this could be done on a Pinephone:

BLE sensors:

This can be done by the Pyloton open source bike computer:

The Pyloton software could also run on a Pinephone:

Peter Gamma:
Since my escape from the Garmin forum to the EEV Blog due to Garmin moderators which where not open to criticism, the Garmin forum has reached it s lowest level. Arbitary deletion of my posts and arbitrary inactivation of my account:

Time to escape permanently from the Garmin forum.


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