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Live-stream from Garmin watches via ANT+ stick & virtual box (evtl. coud, IOT)

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Peter Gamma:
to MATLAB, Python & other Desktop applications

I continue the thread from here:

and continue here with the part which is not

GARMIN watch - ConnectIQ-Watch-IoT - Microsoft Azure Platform


GARMIN watch- ANT+ stick- virtual box

to keep those two path separate.

Is it possible to create a linux virtual box which can run independendly as a Linux OS, but also as a virtual box running in windows, for a GARMIN watch, which contains all the components for a live-stream to MATLAB, Python & other Desktop applications?

The size should be not more than 2GB, so that it can run on a IntelĀ® Compute Stick STK1A32SC:

as well as on a Jumper EzBook 3 PRO:

A virtual box could become a community project which contains all the sensor tables helpful for GARMIN watches.

Peter Gamma:
A linux virtual box running in windows with sensor tables and all the software necessary to stream to MATLAB, Python or other deskop applications.

A linux virtual box running in windows 10 of e.g. Jumper EzBook 3 PRO, which makes it not necessary anymore to install Ubuntu. All software for streaming integrated in a virtual box.

But how can sensor data from a linux virtual box running in windows be streamed to the host windows 10 operating system?

This is not necessary. MATLAB is also available for LINUX and MATLAB can be installed in a LINUX virtual machine running in windows. No streaming to the host windows 10 operating system necessary.

Peter Gamma:
i.e. through a streaming server. had an integrated open-source streaming server.

Which streaming server could be helpful to stream sensor data from a linux virtual box to the host windows operating system?

Peter Gamma:
An alternative to Jumper EzBook 3 PRO with

with 4 GB RAM  & 64 bit OS (minimal requirement for most Matlab editions)

is the Trekstor SURFBOOK E11B

with Ubuntu 18.04 und Mate Desktop

Peter Gamma:
There are also newer Mini 10 PC sticks with 4G RAM & Windows 10 64 bit (minimum for newer MATLAB versions):

and USB Type-C:

Did someone test those newer devices with Linux?


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