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Agilent cash back promo save 100$ getting a U1272A or other models


Handheld Digital Multimeter Cash Back Offer

Get up to $100 cash rebate for every Agilent Handheld Digital Multimeter you purchase from 1st Aug, 2011 to 31st. Jan, 2012.

Agilent HHDMM models                                                     Cash Rebate
U1231A, U1232A, U1233A                                                          $ 30
U1241B, U1242B                                                                       $ 60
U1251B, U1252B, U1253B, U1271A, U1272A                             $100

Limited to United States  Canada  Mexico

Is there one for LCR meters?

No currently there is not any . 

But every one can follow Agilent by the RSS feed and get all the latest news.   ;)

Here is a sample how the RSS link works on firefox.


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