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Since the description here is for Eevblog "and other" contests, I wanted to put a link up for Agilent's contest. They're giving away six U1253B's and an Apple iPad.

I think this contest is cool because they're asking for real user feedback. I took the opportunity to rant a little about my clamp meter :)

Good Luck!


--- Quote from: PetrosA on January 07, 2011, 07:41:33 am --- I took the opportunity to rant a little about my clamp meter :)

--- End quote ---

I bet that you had enjoy it allot ...  ;D   ;D   ;D

I wish to had also the opportunity to rant by allot,  on the Chinese who did those dual banana to female BNC adapters , the center connection point, its made by soft copper, and there is no good contact with the BNC plug of my own clamp probe .
And so it looks that I have to buy again the same thing from another manufacturer , Non-Chinese this time.

Thanks for the link ..   

I sent them about an entire page by email. Just totally lost track of time.  :D

The cool thing is that I've met the people who are organizing this and they're serious about getting feedback.


--- Quote ---Limit one entry per person during the Promotion Period.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote --- There are no limits to the number of submissions per person. Each entry will be entitled to a lucky draw at the end of the contest.
--- End quote ---



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