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Cash prizes to reward young Pi programmers

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"The foundation that created the Raspberry Pi has kicked off a programming competition for youngsters.
Prizes of $1,000 (£645) will be given to the child and teenager who have written the best software for the Pi.
The first competition runs for two months, but in the future the Pi foundation will run weekly contests"

If you don't have a Raspberry Pi (or still waiting for it ;-) you can use one of the emulators apparently.

BBC link..

Pi link..

I'm too bad at software to participate :(
I would get my hands on a Raspberry Pi, but I can't tolerate it's closed nature. It means I can't build it into low volume products.

I just ordered mine, can't wait to have a go.



I still fail to see how this thing will bring programming skills, and electronics interest back to youngsters.
It's a pre-chewed black box with a boxed-os running some scripting languages..

You learn nothing apart from being a code monkey. It's even worse than an arduino. At least the duino stimulates people to build hardware  add-ons and tinker with it ( although the software side is still shielding the hardware too much. )

Chet T16:
I got a pi and I'm struggling to find a use for it. If you want to get your hands dirty with Linux then install it on an old machine and use it.

As it is its nothing more than a headache when you've got so many hardware issues, the way it's so fussy about sd cards would be funny were it not for the fact I have four sitting here and only one works and not even well


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