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Destroy an old MCU board - get a free Cortex-M0 one from NXP

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--- Quote from: Chasm on January 28, 2011, 04:32:20 pm ---Oops. Yes, no more free kits for entering the contest.
Still it is a nice kit, basically a breakout board with USB debug Interface as the NXP one.

--- End quote ---

It is better because the NXP version locks you to Code Red IDE. You can use whatever you want with ST and most IDEs support the ST-Link.

Hm... I have a dead xmega chip to fry, doubt they would know the difference.


--- Quote from: BoredAtWork on January 27, 2011, 06:18:03 pm ---I am not a fan of pointlessly destroying equipment and find this a rather disgusting marketing ploy.

And note the weasel words in the NXP "offer":

--- Quote ---... by demonstrating what you would do ...
... when your video is accepted ...
... demonstrating what you would do ...
--- End quote ---

So, when your video is not accepted, and you actually did destroy a board NXP has the excuse that you were supposed to "demonstrate what you would do", and not actually doing it.

--- End quote ---

I think they are just covering their ass, I put a pretty lame video up and they accepted it pretty quickly

Somebody in marketing is just bored, if they are going to give away stuff, might as well let people have fun while doing it.


--- Quote from: frank26080115 on February 15, 2011, 03:51:41 am ---Somebody in marketing is just bored.

--- End quote ---

Somebody in marketing it being a dickhead.
Just another pathetic way to get people to generate free content for them so they can make their site and product look really popular.


There was a recent discussion on Hack a Day about this exact same promotion here . I do not understand any of the irrational hate towards NXP at all.

Look what I got in the mail today:

Best dickheads ever

I didn't even actually destroy anything, I pretended I microwaved a AVR while the microwave was in "demo mode". I had fun filming my video, and I liked watching the other submissions too. I don't see anything wrong (or pathetic) with having customers generate content
and become a part of the promotion by choice.

If you seriously think NXP is encouraging you to be wasteful or tricking you into destroy a competitor's product, you are completely misinterpreting their intentions. They simply came up with a way to gauge interest so they know who they can send a sample of their product to, so that they have the best chance of making a new customer. Realistically, you have absolutely nothing to lose by participating, unless you are stupid enough to actually destroy something of value.

The other half of the criticism I hear is regarding the LPCXpresso's JTAG link itself and the IDE it comes with, but it's free so I don't really care. I already knew it's sort of crippled on purpose and I plan on using GNU anyways. Plenty of other companies are guilty of this too, and this criticism doesn't even relate to the promotion at all.

So why is NXP suddenly the Devil? And who's the Saint?


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