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Destroy an old MCU board - get a free Cortex-M0 one from NXP

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--- Quote from: frank26080115 on March 04, 2011, 12:20:56 am ---So why is NXP suddenly the Devil? And who's the Saint?

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the device is not the devil (or saint), the human is.

--- Quote from: hackaday ---•register with a corporate email address
…the promo is targeted at engineers
•use the crippled IDE supplied with the board
…due to hard to find (non-existent?) documentation for the integrated LPC-Link

--- End quote ---
i see some points in hackaday. can you disprove that?

I already knew it was crippled, so is MPLAB when I tried to get started with PICs, the IDE that Ti gave me for my eZ430 was also crippled. Xilinx Webpack and Quartus II web editions are also crippled. AVR Dragon was even crippled before somebody came up with a hack and then Atmel uncrippled it.

My point was that it's pretty common. So I stopped caring about vendor provided IDEs. Also this has nothing to do with the promotion itself. I knew that WinARM and YAGARTO exists and would work fine once I get an OpenOCD compatible JTAG debugger, which I already planned on getting when I submitted my video, and just arrived a few days ago. AVR Studio doesn't even work with avrdude and people still buy Arduinos like water, my point is that alternative tools are available.

Sure, if I didn't already have plans that involved never using the LPC-link (the crippled closed source debugger), then I might not like the LPCXpresso. And that's a legit excuse for not liking it, but I'm alarmed at people calling people at NXP "asshats" and "dickheads", calling NXP "reprehensible", and people planning on "boycott" NXP, somebody said that "If anything, I will now NEVER use one of this company’s products because they are detracting from the hobbyist EE scene.", one guy even thinks he might become "enslaved".

I am a hobbyist, how is this "detracting" from the hobbyist EE scene? Being a hobbyist doesn't mean you are limited to the Arduino. The Arduino Decimila cost $40 when it came out, this LPCXpresso cost $32 on Digikey, so it's perfectly within the hobbyist's price range too.

The stuff about the email address and email spam is just silly. I get updates from so many other companies that I wouldn't even notice, and I haven't even seen one from NXP thus far. A domain name costs $10/year these days by the way, and Google can handle emails for your domain name for free. The corporate email requirement is probably just to keep 4chan out, if they typed in my email domain into a web browser, they can probably tell I'm just some kid who can't even drink yet.

And Hack a Day simply misrepresented NXP themselves with an inaccurate blog post.

I'm not praising this thing yet, but people seem to started the hate even though it's just a cute giveaway promotion.

Thumbs up to NXP. My mbed arrives tomorrow too.

By the way, I said NXP, not LPC, I did mean the human(s) when I asked that question.


--- Quote from: frank26080115 on March 04, 2011, 12:20:56 am ---Look what I got in the mail today:
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Oh, the old "I got support via e-mail". That was already laughable when USENET was popular.

But the thing is, it takes two to tango. One asking others to do stupid things, one doing the stupid things.

How long did it tack you guys to get you board.


--- Quote from: House91320 on March 30, 2011, 11:53:54 pm ---How long did it tack you guys to get you board.

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I would be interested too, I send the pictures about 3 weeks ago.


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