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Destroy an old MCU board - get a free Cortex-M0 one from NXP

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I am not a fan of pointlessly destroying equipment and find this a rather disgusting marketing ploy.

And note the weasel words in the NXP "offer":

--- Quote ---... by demonstrating what you would do ...
... when your video is accepted ...
... demonstrating what you would do ...
--- End quote ---

So, when your video is not accepted, and you actually did destroy a board NXP has the excuse that you were supposed to "demonstrate what you would do", and not actually doing it.

I like way to get the STM development board better. Just sign up for the contest and get one. :D

And if you do what you should do not and design the discovery board into a smallish project it also is cheaper, like 50% the cost. Ok, it's a Coretex-M3 and not M0.

Here's my entry :

that will teach those bloody bears hehe

epic stuff


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