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Electric Race 2011

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This is a nvitation to the forum, more info in this link:

Ops, my motherboard in this server is dead and a new is about to be configured, if you want be in the race or have other question just contact me.
OBS this server is only for the sing-in function and do not run the game server.
Sorry for this.

Back on-line with the sign-in server, so it is just to step in to the TMN server and run some laps or direct write this in the game chat:
/join ElectricRace2011 <ContactInfo>
<ContactInfo> = The way I shall contact you if you win, no space is allowed in this field.

This year was very problematic the router as connected the game server to the internet is dead and my web server is down for software error.

So long this problem is around, the sing up time will be paused to all errors is fixed.

Problem fixed, will upload images on the prizes as sone I can.


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