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Electronex show - what goes on?


Not having been to one, I'm planning to head to Sydney for Electronex 2022 in April.

I imagine vendors will be showing off equipment and so forth to try, but is there much opportunity for buying bits and pieces, small tools etc?

Nice to be able to take some swag home.

Trade/business shows like this don't usually sell off the stands - in some cases this is expressly not allowed by the organisers.
I've been to dozens of shows in the UK and Electronica and don't recall ever seeing anything sold direct there.
There is often giveaway swag, but rarely anything interesting.

I went to Electronex in Sydney a couple of years ago and there wasn't anything for sale that I saw.  Plenty of stuff to look at and some sample stuff, such as (from memory) a bare board LED "torch" which demonstrated someone's PCB services, a Wago demo terminal block and some old issues of Silicon Chip.  Don't expect to take home armfuls of useful kit.

What you will encounter is everyone keen to get your contact details, especially if you ask questions about their products.  Electronex is all about introducing people who have a part to play in selecting products and services with those who provide them.

It's rather interesting to see what is on show.

Sounds good, thanks very much for that. I will be keen also to meet some like minded community members from here, hobbyists and learners at the show.


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