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Extech giving away a FLIR i3

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I started reading this thread today and thought that I would have missed out.  Getting 3000 followers.  Surely they could in 5 months.  I guess not.  I just became their 438th follower.  If someone gets into this thread in a couple months and follows, please post their current follower count.  It would be interesting to see how long this takes.  :)

Chet T16:
I wonder how long it takes to create 2500 twitter accounts :D

Yep. Its going to take ages for them to get 3k!


--- Quote from: Mint. on March 04, 2012, 01:54:01 am ---Yep. Its going to take ages for them to get 3k!

--- End quote ---

not if someone puts it on slashdot :P
could have the comp over in 10 minutes


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