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In order to thank our customers for their support and love for feeltech Technology Co., Ltd., the company decided to launch a “free trial” event.Five FY6800 signal generators will be distributed for free at this event.
Activity Rules:
1.   Activity time:2018.4.4-2018.4.13
2.   Must be a registered member of
3.   Must have more than five years of experience in the development of electronic engineers
4.   Must have electronic related instrumentation equipment (oscilloscope, multimeter).
5.   Users who have obtained "free trial" qualification and have received the signal generator must send relevant "performance test", "functional evaluation", "relevant advice" or "use tutorial" etc. on the eevblog forum or YouTube.Bowen or video.
6.   You must following to FeelTech's official Twitter before signing up for the trial,
7.   Please send your own post or video address to
8.   We will conduct post or video quality monitoring and evaluation for all users who have obtained the "free trial". The top two users will be used as the next "free trial" quota.
9.   The right of final interpretation of this event is owned by FeelTech Technology Co., Ltd.?
how to apply:
Please send the following content to to register successfully. We will announce the list of successful “free trial” activities on Twitter and eevblog forum at the same time.
2. Country
3. Job position:
4. Working years:
5. own photo of the instrument
6. Forum Account
7. Related achievements in the electronics field (included in eevblog posts, related electronic products created by you, you own blogs, tweets...) All can prove that you possess electronic related ability.
Related product introduction

Product Description:

     FY6800 series Dual-channel Function / Arbitrary waveform generator is a set of Function Signal Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Generator, Analog / Digital modulator, VCO, Sweep, Counters and Frequency Meter and other functions in a high Performance, cost-effective, multi-function signal generator. Abundant shortcut keys and graphical user interface simplifies every operation. Users do not have to spend a lot of time to learn and familiar with the operation of the instrument, you can be skilled use. For education, research and development, production, testing, maintenance and other industries to provide a new choice.
     The instrument adopt the Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology and provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals. Surface mounting technology improves interference immunity and operational life span. Due to communications with extensive users and fully understanding to users’ practice, we regard users’ demand as the most important factor in R&D. Continuously innovation and listening users’ suggestions, we try to offer customers better products with higher cost performance.

Main Features:
?    Adopt the Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology and provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals.
?    2.4 inch TFT Color LCD with 320×240 resolution, displaying parameters and graphics of the two channels at the same time.
?    The instrument uses 14-bit high-speed D/A converter chip (5Vpp output quantization error is less than 1mV), 250MSa/s sample rate, 14bits vertical resolution.
?    Can output up to 97 groups of functions / arbitrary waveform, contains 33 groups of preset waveforms and 64 groups of user-defined waveforms. Preset waveforms: Sine, Square (Duty Cycle adjustable), Pulse (Pulse width and cycle time can be set accurately), Triangle/Ramp, CMOS(0~10V), Four channels TTL, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Noise, ECG, DC etc.
?    Enable to store 64 arbitrary waveform data files, each one of waveform storage depth 8192 points * 14bits;
?    Various modulation types: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK and PSK modulations.
?    Sweep Function: It can sweep 4 properties of signals including frequency, amplitude, offset and duty cycle; It has Linear and Logarithm two sweep types; 0.01S~999.99S sweep time; Up, Down and roundtrip sweep directions.
?    VCO Function (Voltage Control Output): Can be achieved by an external input signal?  voltage controlling frequency, voltage controlling amplitude, voltage controlling offset, voltage controlling duty cycle and PWM modulations.
?    Burst Output Function: There has Manual Trigger, internal CH2 Trigger, and External Trigger for your options. It can output 1~1048575 pulse trains.
?    100M Frequency meter function: It can measure frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle. Max. frequency workable is 100MHz and Min. frequency workable is 0.01 Hz.
?    Counter Function: It has 2 coupling measure modes including DC coupling and AC coupling. This design can solve inaccuracy problem of AC coupling.
?    Standard dual full functional channels which are equivalent to two independent generators.
?    Channel SYNC Function: Support waveform copy and state copy between channels.
?    Support two or more signal generators connected to achieve multi-channel output, the maximum support 16-channel synchronous output, the phase between each channel can be adjusted.
?    Precisely adjust the phases of the two channels, Precision can be 0.01°.
?    Minimum amplitude resolution can be up to 1 mV. Amplitude range is 0~20Vpp.
?    Duty-cycle of each channel can be adjusted independently0.01%-99.99%, the adjusting resolution is 0.01%.
?    -10V~+10V DC Offset function. Resolution 0.001V.
?    Save function: It can save 20 sets user-set parameters and can be loaded at anytime.
?    Communicating function: All functions can be controlled by PC program and the communication protocol is open for secondary development.
?    Output short-circuit protection: All channels can work more than 60 seconds when the load is short-circuited.
?    Provide powerful waveform editing PC software. Users can download arbitrary waveform to this instrument after edit through PC program which is included in user CD.
?    Adopt ABS plastic shell with table type design. Use 100-240V (AC) wide range voltage power supply.
?    Can choose our FYA2000S series or FPA1000 series power amplifier to output 20W~100W signal in DC-10MHz width without any distortion.

Technical Specification

Unless specified, all specifications can be guaranteed if the following two conditions are met.
?    The generator has passed self-inspection.
?    The generator has been working continuously for at least 30 minutes    under the specified temperature (18?~28?).

All the specifications are guaranteed unless those marked with “typical”

I for once would like to know when can I buy one and how much they're going to cost?


It's great that you're taking this opportunity to get the community involved in trying out your upcoming signal generator. However, if you really want to get your equipment in the hands of customers who can tell you what works and what doesn't, you'll find them at and should probably hire some of them. The work they're doing in that thread is pretty amazing.

Bob Sava:
Can FY-6800 firmware be updated by customer or whole unit has to be shipped back to you?

Well looks like the other shoe has dropped. I'm interested in seeing the guts.

I definitely have a use for such a thing, and an application that would put it to the test, but I don't think I have the requirements for this.


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