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Free Workshop: AMD Versal Adaptive SoCs 101: Quick Start Guide



No-Cost 4-hour workshop on getting started with AMD Versal devices.

Versal Adaptive SoCs 101: Quick Start Guide to Integration and Implementation Workshop

This 4-hour online workshop explores the AMD Versal adaptive SoC heterogeneous architecture containing a programmable network on chip (NoC) and AI Engines and learn how to use different design tool flows targeting Versal devices. Gain knowledge of embedded software development and application partitioning. Also learn how to perform system migration to the Versal architecture.

The emphasis of this course is on:

* Reviewing the architecture of the Versal adaptive SoC
Describing the different engines available in the Versal architecture and what resources they contain
Demonstrating the embedded software development flow for Versal devices
Describing the architectures of the network on chip (NoC) and AI Engine
Explaining application partitioning based on the models of computation
Comparing various functional blocks of the Versal devices to previous-generation devices
This course focuses on the Versal adaptive SoC architecture.
AMD is sponsoring this workshop, with no cost to students. Limited seats available.


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