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GIVEAWAY: Keysight Test Gear

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I have 4 slightly used bits of Keysight kit to giveaway to 4 worthy people or groups:
1) Keysight DSOX1204G 100MHz 4CH scope with function generator!
2) NEW model EDU33212A Waveform Generator
3) NEW model EDU34450A 5.5 digit multimeter
4) NEW EDU36311A Lab Power Supply

If you win you'll get ONE of these instruments.

As per the video:

This is NOT a random draw, do NOT post in this thread unless you are entering. But other users can "Thanks" the post to effectively vote for an entry.
The "Thanks" vote may have some sway in this but this is effectively Dave's Pick. No correspondence will be entered into.

This giveaway is open to individual and groups, simply make your case for why you want one of these bits of kit and what you'd do with it.
It could just be a few paragraphs, photos, video, whatever you think will gets Dave's attention.
Preference is likely to be given to youngsters and/or groups of some kind, but you never know what will take Dave's fancy.
You can suggest what instrument you'd like, but I only have one of each to giveaway, so as my kids learned in pre-school "you get what you get and you don't get upset".

Post ONCE and ONCE ONLY in this forum thread to enter.
Seriously, ONCE ONLY, or I'll delete your entry.

Entries close soon-ish.

In theory there shouldn't be any limitation on which country can enter, but I would not rule out issues there.
You may be responsible for import taxes and charges based on you country and any stupid local import laws you might have. If you don't like this remote possibility, don't enter.

Hi Dave!

Would love to win the oscilloscope. Currently, my lab equipment consists of a store-brand multimeter and a soldering iron. This has served me well for troubleshooting simple circuits. However, for troubleshooting and designing more complex circuits, having an oscilloscope will be invaluable.

Dave! My name is Nathan. I'm a PhD student in robotics. I've also designed and built some fun electronics projects, like:

The problem is, I don't have a lab power supply, so whenever I want to power up a new device, I have to open up my drawer of power bricks (pictured below) and find one in the right voltage and hope it can supply something close to the right current.

This strategy has been OK, but I've recently started working on some brushless motor drivers. A more powerful supply with some control over the current would be very useful. In short, I could put the EDU36311A lab power supply to good use.

Thanks for considering my request! -Nathan

hello dave, i am currently on a project about power management and i really need the 5.5 digit multimeter to measure the behavior and precision of voltage and current sensor...i am living in Indonesia and i really need it because multimeter with precision like that is very expensive at my place... please give me the chance to win the multimeter 🙏🙏🙏

here is my current humble gear :

im long time subscriber on your channel but not very active on forums, but still i will try to get my hands on scope as i am in need of scope and currently not working just doing hobby stuff. i would use it mainly to test my switching amplifier pcbs i made some time ago and debug my llc smps that is in prototype phase, thank you on oportunity and have a nice day, greetings from croatia.


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