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GIVEAWAY: Rohde & Schwarz NGA102 PSU

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Well, looks like I posted in the wrong thread...  :palm:
I'm in indeed !

Would love to reproduce the "self mixing interferometry" experiment with laser diode (from this other great guy on YT) :)

d'oh! posted in the wrong forum. Here we go again. I'm in!

If it's still active I'm in.

Mr. Scram:
"ONCE and ONCE ONLY in this forum thread to enter."

I'd love to test and explore the overvoltage issue to see how much of a problem really is. It's fun to see major manufacturers dip into the cost optimized part of the market as it's obviously not as easy to make cheap and decent kit as it may seem.

Been building my own 0-100V Supply, as like Dave says they are rare.
Main problem is the 600W SMPS I bought to power it, lied a bit about it's output voltage.
I've rewound the secondary so it's actually a stable output voltage, but now I've lost the some of the bits I removed.  :palm:
I took enough photos to find and order replacements, its just annoying.

Be much happier to get the NGA102, and finish this other project in my own time.


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