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Hardware Pioneers show, London 28-29 May - Pisstake or what?


Are these people  serious...? Charging to get into a small trade exhibition....

And as an extra bargain...another 40 quid for a "PREMIUM TICKET"

--- Quote ---Exclusive access to the "Hardware Pioneers VIP" WhatsApp group
Exclusive “VIP Lounge” access with complimentary refreshments and private space for laptop work
Early access to recorded sessions (event recordings become public only after 6 months)
Exclusive "Premium" attendee identification on the badge

--- End quote ---
:-DD :-DD :-DD

OK, I know Electronica technically charges entry, but they actually are the no.1 show, and exhibitors give out comps like confetti (some via auto-responder on website).

It was pretty cool last year but def not worth the premium options.
I got an extra ticket, use code PASTREG100 should give you 100% off.  :-+

I think many of the exhibitors have free tix available if you ask them - several have 50% codes on their websites


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