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International Hackhathon - Precise Positioning Mower Hack


Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences is hosting an International Hackhathon.
The winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to join the start-up.

Precise Positioning Mower Hack is a hackathon that aims to promote and search for innovative solutions (integration of various measurement techniques) in the field of precise positioning of autonomous vehicles (in this case lawn mowers) using GNSS satellite navigation, INS inertial navigation and additional sensors increasing positioning accuracy.
This event is aimed mainly at programmers, electronics engineers, automatics, robotics, surveyors and other people interested in this subject.

To participate in the event, you must register using the form. Participation in PPM Hack is free, and the limit is 20 teams. The order of applications decides. Registration is "Open" and will last until the limit of places is filled. The organizer reserves the right to start the event even if the team limit is not reached. By registering, you accept the Regulations.

Registration form

More info:
Official website

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