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IOP Lecture on EV parts recycling, Hatfield UK



--- Quote ---Recycling and reusing electric vehicle components by Gavin Harper

As the number of electric vehicles on our roads increases, the demand for the critical materials used to make key vehicle components is predicted to soar. The question looms - what to do with the batteries when these vehicles reach the end of life? This lecture will explore the pathways to a circular economy of electric vehicle batteries and the magnetic materials used in electric vehicle motors.

Dr Gavin Harper helped to establish the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Strategic Elements and Critical Materials, the UK’s first centre dedicated to the study of the challenges around materials criticality. He is currently a Research Fellow with the UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for the Circular Economy of Technology Metals.

This lecture is being held on Wednesday 25 January in the Lindop Building on the College Lane Campus, Hatfield AL10 9AB at 7.00pm.
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Do you know if a video of this event is available by any chance? Thanks


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