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Join the Maxun One Solar Bike Project - We Need You!

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Hello everyone, I'm Peter.
We are looking for enthusiastic hobbyists with experience in 3D CAD design, Arduino C++ programming, or electronics to join our project, the Maxun One Solar Bike Project.
Albert van Dalen is the inventor of the Maxun One, and I am helping to bring attention to his Maxun One Solar Bike Project.
This project offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a new sport focused on solar-powered cycling without ever needing to charge the battery. Just like a sailboat, but with PV panels!

We are based in Maastricht, and it would be convenient if you live within a 200 km radius. However, it is certainly not a problem if you live on the other side of the world.

If you are serious about contributing, we would love to have you on our team!

Join us and let's innovate together.
Sign up here:

Kim Christensen:
No... You need a website that lays out the project idea fully. Not a link to a email harvesting signup form.  ::)

Is this the site?

What is the purpose once its created, sell it or give it away?

I already have a bicycle that never needs recharging. It does not need an arduino either. All it needs is me.

Kim Christensen:

--- Quote from: thm_w on June 19, 2024, 09:04:25 pm ---Is this the site?
What is the purpose once its created, sell it or give it away?
--- End quote ---

I wouldn't want to ride that in any kind of a crosswind, especially across bridges or where the wind swirls or buffets around. Those solar panels would act like sails even though they are edge on for the apparent wind created by the bike's forward movement.


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